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Canadian Government

The Government of Canada Department of Foreign Affairs web site is an invaluable aid when planning your next out-of-country trip.  The web site has undergone some revisions and updates to the opening page, which should make navigation within the site easier.

Ratings & Reviews

There is certainly no shortage of web sites that review cruise lines, resorts, hotels, car rental agencies, tour operators, and the list goes on.  Some well respected , and very informative sites include:

Western Canada Airport Arrivals/Departures

Departure/Arrival times for Saskatoon, Edmonton, Calgary, and Vancouver.

Currency Exchange Rates

Always of interest is how much your money is worth in other places.

Airport Security

Airport Security is one aspect of travel where it is imperative that you "Know Before YOU Go". In general,  CATSA (Canadian Air Transport Security Authority) personel that man the security stations in all Canadian airports treat travellers with respect, and will do their utmost to expedite your progress through the lineups.  That said, it will help them, and you,  if you know the rules before proceeding to the airport.

For those travelling to the USA, American security regulations may differ in  important ways.  Visit the Transport Safety Agency for the latest updates.


World Weather Service provides current weather conditions and forecasts for most of the world's travel destinations.


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